Business Mobile Banking

Summit Bank has your solution for banking-on-the-go for your business.  Business Mobile Banking allows finances to be managed faster than ever with the convergence of online and mobile channels.


Protection Against Fraud and Account Takeovers: Business Mobile Banking helps guard your business against costly hazards such as fraud, account takeovers and identity theft because it protects decision-making.  Its transaction-approval features mean important decisions don’t get made without the approval of the owner or authorized managers.

Security: We require multiple layers or authentication and restrict who is authorized to use it.  Your business can be assured that your important information is secure.

24/7 Access:  Using Business Mobile Banking on a smartphone is a snap for Business Online Banking customers.  It’s as simple as downloading our Summit branded app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and signing on.  Authorized users on the go can make decisions – day or night – when it accounts.

For more information or to get started, call Summit Bank at 541-684-7500 in Eugene and 541-317-8000 in Central Oregon.