Help safeguard your Summit Bank card(s) from fraud with CardValet®

You can now gain added control and help safeguard your Summit Bank card(s) from fraud with CardValet®.  The CardValet app allows you to define when, where and how your debit card can be used.  You are able to control your spending and protect yourself against fraud, all through a simple, easy-to-use app on your mobile device. 

From the CardValet app, you can:

  • Get real time notifications when your card is used 
  • Receive alerts for all transactions
  • Turn cards “off” (for vacation or if card is lost or stolen)
  • Track and control use of multiple Summit Bank cards
  • Disable card by location (region, country or by location using your phone location)
  • Disable card by merchant types (gas station, groceries, personal care, etc.)
  • Set spending limits (turn “off” for purchases over a certain amount)
  • Show ATM locations

Benefits of CardValet:

  • Actively manage your money and take charge of your Summit Bank debit card usage
  • Businesses can ensure spending policy compliance
  • Monitor transactions to protect accounts 
  • Parents can remotely control and monitor their children’s spending 

Getting started is easy.  Download the CardValet app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play and register.  Then, customize your usage settings and alert preferences to manage your credit cards. There are no service charges or fee for CardValet.