Special Shareholder Meeting

Summit Bank is pleased to announce the special shareholder meeting that will be held virtually on Monday September 21, 2020 at 3:00 pm. 

Purpose of Meeting:

Consider and vote upon a proposal to form a bank holding company, and to consider and vote upon a proposal to adjourn the meeting to obtain additional proxies if appropriate.

Formation of the holding company will provide additional flexibility to stratify changing and expanding needs for financial services and additional alternatives for securing funds that may be required to meet those needs.  The reorganization will not change the way the Bank operates in any manner.  Bank stock will be exchanged for common stock of the Holding Company on a share-for-share basis.  Please see the Proxy Statement for additional information.

How to Vote & Participate:

Shareholders will receive notification and voting options to participate in the meeting.  Shares are held in two basic formats and may have been acquired in either or both formats.

1.  Direct, meaning the shares were purchased directly from Summit Bank

2.  Beneficial, meaning the shares held through a brokerage account 

Direct shareholders will receive a voting packet in the mail from ClearTrust LLC with voting instructions and options for participation in the virtual meeting.  Beneficial shareholders will receive either an email or a voting packet from their broker providing voting options and options for participation in the virtual meeting. Be sure to check your junk email for an email from National Financial Services LLC,

Shareholder meeting regulations require that beneficial shareholders must deliver their votes through their broker. 


Should you have any questions, you may contact:

Scott Goldstein, CFO at 541-684-7505 or sgoldstein@sbko.bank

Vickie Cussins, Corporate Secretary at 541-684-7501 or vcussins@sbko.bank