Summit Bank to send text alerts for unusual or fraudulent debit card activity

As a result of continuous effort to ensure your Summit Bank account(s) are safe and secure, you will soon start receiving text alerts from Summit Bank when unusual or fraudulent debit card activity is suspected.  

Starting July 20, all Summit Bank debit card clients will receive text alerts from Summit Bank’s Fraud Center instead of phone calls when this activity is detected.  To recognize that these text alerts are from Summit Bank’s Fraud Center, they will have the code 37-268 embedded within the message.

The text alert will be requesting you verify the suspicious transaction with a “YES” it was me, or “NO” it was not. You can also choose to opt out of these text messages by replying “STOP.”  If you do not respond to the text alert within 15 minutes to verify the transaction, you will receive a follow up phone call.  

In order to receive these new text alerts, we must have your cell phone number on file and attached to your card.  This new safety enhancement to our debit cards is put in place to help your account remain confidential and secure.  

If you have any questions or concerns about this new enhancement, please contact your banker.